Frequently Asked Questions


What is Flipora?

Flipora is a Personalized content discovery app that helps you discover cool content based on interests you follow and other users you follow. Some relevant links:

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The flipora Twitter page. Follow us for latest updates and trending content within flipora.

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Why should I connect Flipora with my Facebook & Twitter?

Connecting with Facebook & Twitter is a great way to improve your Flipora experience because,

  • You can easily find and follow your friends from Facebook & Twitter who are also on Flipora,
  • Flipora can recommend even more relevant interests for you to follow based on what you’ve liked on Facebook & Twitter,
  • It makes Flipora’s content recommendations even more personalized to your interests

Your content recommendations are delivered automatically, and they become increasingly relevant over time as Flipora gets to know you better.


How can I follow more interests?

You can search and follow more interests via the search box on the app. You can also edit interests you follow via your Flipora profile page.


What happens when I upvote content?

Upvoting a post (which can be a news story, blog post, article, video or any webpage) promotes that to your followers on Flipora who will see it in their home feed. Your followers will see everything you upvote even if they don’t follow that specific interest. We made this decision so that your followers can potentially a discover cool new interest to follow based on your upvote.


How can I make Flipora my homepage?

Internet Explorer

Go to menu Tools >> Internet Options. Change Home Page to this search URL:

Google Chrome

Go to menu Settings, select "Open a specific page or set of pages" in the "On startup" section. Click "Set pages" and change the url to the Flipora page you want to set as your homepage

Mozilla Firefox

Go to menu Firefox >> Options. Change "When Firefox starts" box to "Show my home page" and update "Home Page" field to this search URL:

Show instructions for other browsers or operating systems


How can I tell my friends about Flipora?

You can invite your friends to Flipora using the "Tell a Friend" feature from the top menu.


How do I cancel my account and uninstall Flipora?

Please visit our Cancel Account page


How do I contact Flipora?

For product suggestions, issues, bugs or other comments/questions, you can email us at